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Improve your love, relationship and sex life simply by watching the hilarious Man and Wife TV episodes online. This show is for everyone no matter your race, creed or preference, you will laugh, talk and learn to relate and communicate better...watch the show alone or together with your partner (for best results!) Fatman Scoop and his wife Shanda are the realest couple on TV (MTV, NBC) and the Web. Their infamous web series is loved by millions. If you are single and tired of being alone Man and Wife will help you navigate and find the love you want in your life! Learn how to have a great relationship and an amazing time with that special and create a strong loving relationship! This unusual quirky, funny, loving couple will take you places you might never have gone! Man and Wife TV was listed as #7 Top Podcasts on itunes.

Twitter - www.twitter.com/manandwifetv

Facebook - www.facebook.com/manandwife

Produced by: www.addictivenetworks.com

Created by:
Isaac Freeman
Shanda Freeman
Alex Lasky
Charlie Stettler

Learn to love today with the quirkiest couple ever!
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